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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a general question about how our plugin, chances are we’ll have the answer right here for you.

1. 'The package could not be installed?'

If you face the following message during installation “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.“, please unzip the the downloaded package file and there you can find the “go_portfolio.zip” file. This file should be installed via WordPress installer.

2. The layout is broken or stylesheet file is missing?

The plugin uses “go_portfolio_styles.css” generated static CSS file to display styles. This file is generated on plugin activation and every time you edit general settings or modify a portfolio using “go_portfolio_dynamic_styles.php” file and database data.
Sometimes this stactic css cannot be created lack of permission to write file in “assets/css” folder. To fix this, set this folder’s cmod to 777 then click to save under “General Settings” submenu page.

3. How many portfolios can I create and insert to a page?

You can create unlimited number of portfolios and insert unlimited portfolios to a page via shortcodes.

4. How many custom post types can I create?

You can create unlimited new custom post type with the plugin. Every new custom post type comes with two separate taxonomies (category and tag). These taxnomies can be used for filtering.

5. Can I use my existing custom post types (portfolio)?

Yes, when you create a portfolio you should select the post type for the portfolio. The selected post type taxonomy (category, tag, etc.) can be used for filtering as well. You can use your regular blog posts or other custom post types (other portfolio, WooCommerce products, etc.).

6. Can I use my existing images (thumbnails)?

Yes, when you create a portfolio you can select a image size for the thumbnail and the lighbox image. If the selected size is missing for an image the original resolution will be used.

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